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Product--Chinese Wheel Loaders--SDLG LG968 Wheel Loaders:

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders:

Chinese wheel loader lg968

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders specifications:

The model LG968 loader is a long-wheelbase product with Euro style well build by LG for the middle and high-end markets at home and adbroad, Absorbing international leading technologies and upgraded with 65 innovations for better reliability on the base of the 08 design export model, this product is equipped with a counter shaft electro-hydraulic shift transmission with pilot single-handle control to achieve such outstanding features as high operating efficiency, easy and flexible operation, large lifting power, and good machine stability, it is especially suitable for working in such rough operating conditions as mines and primary soils.

The operation of the entire machine adopts semi-automatic shift control,pilot single-handle control, 4 forward, 3 reverse, and KD button, 1/2 automatic shift to achieve easy and flexible operation, low fatigue strength, and high operating efficency.

The ZF transmission equipped is manufactured using technologies of world-famous transmission companyto provide high reliability,also, an electro-pneumatic internal expanding shoe parking brake is used to achieve safety and reliability.

65 optimization improvements have been made to the key parts such as bucket, hydraulic components, pipelines and electrical components to fully increase their reliability.

With strong lifting power of boom, centered articulation, widened wheel track, and a body length up to 8.36 m, the loader has higher stability. The boom can lift 14 tons of material within a lifting height of 1.6m, very suitable for lifting heavy materials.

With a lifting times of boom of only 7.0s, and a total cycle time of only 12 s, the loader has a short operating cycle time and is one of the products of highest cooperating speed in loader industry.

The large bucket rollback angle together with high fill factor solves the old common uderfill problem of bucket in the industry. Also the bucket structure of optimized design together with the high-strength wear-resistant main blade made of special materials prolongs the service life of the loader.

Use of the enlarged hood and the efficent radiator optimizes air inlet and outlet duct desings of the entire cooling system and effectively reduces engine coolant temperature and oil temperature in the hydraulic system:which improves the loader's cooling efficeiency.

The new-eype wide-vision cab is of fully closed design;the optimized air duct arrangement achieves front blow,The loader is equipped with the luxurious interior trims for cars and the mechanical suspension-type top-grade seals,the extemal air conditioning and healer gives a larger operating space.

Engine,transmission,cab and frame employ a new-type shock absorber for conneclion to upgrade operating comfort fully;frames adopt the LG patented box-type structure to achieve sturdiness and durability and longer life.

Use of the LG PATENTED dual-seal hydrauliv oil pipe joints has completely solved the problem of oil leakage;fully closed bearings are used on the vehicle to prevent entry of dust and improve bearing life.

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders WHOLE MACHINE specifications:
Chinese wheel loader lg968
NO. item Parameter
1 Overall working wieght 18400kg
2 Rated bucket capacity 3.5CBM
3 Rated Load 6000kg
4 Max. tractive force not less 165KN
5 Max. breakout force not less 198KN
6 Max gradeability 30
7 Max. dumping height 3250mm
8 Dumping distance 1033mm
9 Overall dimension(L*W*H) 8362*3210*3382

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders ENGINE specifications:
NO. item Parameter
1 Model SC11CB240.1G2B1
2 Type Water cooling, Inline, dry cylinder, direct injection
3 Number of cylinder-bore/stroke 6-121*152.4mm
4 Max. torque 912N.m
5 Rated power 174.5Kw
6 Rated speed 2200r/min
7 Min. fuel-consume ratio less 240 g/kW.h

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders TRANSMISSION SYSTEM specifications:
NO. item Parameter
1 Torque converter type Single-stage three-element, single turbo.
2 Torque ratio 2.55
3 Transmission type Fixed shaft power shift
4 Gear shift 4 forward, 3 reverse
5 Max speed 36km/h

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders FRONT & REAR AXLES specifications:
NO. item Parameter
1 Main transmission type Spiral gear, first stage decelerate
2 Final decelerate type First stage, planetary gear decelerate

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders TYRE specifications:
NO. item Parameter
1 Type specification 23.5-25
2 Front tyre pressure 0.333-0353MPa
3 Rear tyre pressure 0.275-0.294MPa

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders STEERING SYSTEM specifications:
NO. item Parameter
1 Type Fixed amplifier valve hydraulic steering system
2 Steering angle 38 each side
3 Min. turning radius Outside of bucket:7335mm
Outside of rear wheel:6721mm

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders HYDRAULIC SYSTEM specifications:
NO. item Parameter
1 System working pressure 18MPa
2 Boom lifting time less 7.0s
3 Total time less 12s

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders BRAKE SYSTEM specifications:
NO. item Parameter
1 Service brake Air-on-oil caliper-disk
2 Parking brake Electric-pneumatic interrnal expanding shoe brake

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders FILL CAPACITY specifications:
NO. item Parameter
1 Fuel 300L
2 Hydraulic oil 210L

SDLG LG968 Chinese Wheel Loaders MAIN PARTS specifications:

Chinese wheel loader lg968-engine ENGINE:
Shangchai engine has a strong power, big torque reserve ability, low fue consumption, low noise and high reliability. Horizontal air filtration makes the maintenance easier and optimized design of shock absorber improves the supporting stability.
Chinese wheel loader lg968-transmission TRANSMISSION:
Reliable ZF gear shift transmission; KD function; four forward and three reverse; new shock absorber has improved the efficiency.
Chinese wheel loader lg968-axle DRIVE AXLE:
LG 5 ton series strengthen driving axles are high in load-bearing capacity and reliability because of the excellent performance and mature technology; rear axle oscillating with large swing angle and strong cross-country and climbing ability assure the machne of operating well in rough terrain.
Chinese wheel loader lg68-hydraulic-system HYDRAULIC SYSTEM:
Pilot single handle manipulator,flux amplifier valve hydraulic steering; optimized steering column and steering wheel;large-displacement working pump; high lifting speed; excellent standard LG doulbe-sealed hydraulic adaptor,optimized design of connecting pipe; whole forged steel pipes are adapted in critical parts increase its impact-resistant ability and reliability.
Chinese wheel loader -lg968-frame WEDING STRUCTURE:
Optimized FEA design for structural parts of the whole machine has been through 100,000 times fatigue test; front and rear frames are plate structure; reasonable weight distribution of the whole machine; high bearing capacity, strength and reliability.
Chinese wheel loader lg968-cab CAB:
The inner decoration of new-typed steel cab is similar to that of car, optimized design of wind path allows wind blow from the front; out-set cooling and warming equipment improve the sealing and meanwhile enlarge the operation space, new-typed shock-absorbing and vibration suspended seals with high and adjustable back support, fops/Rops cab is optional.
Chinese wheel loader lg968-enginehood ENGINE HOOD:
with streamlined appearance, the loader's engine bonnet is widened to leave more space for heat elimination and maintenance of engine.
Chinese wheel loader lg968-instrument-panel ELECTRICAL SYSTEM:
Semi-automatic gearshift and pilot double lever operating, 4- forward and 3- reverse gearshifts, KD function as well as 1-gear, 2-gear, automatic shifting lead the machine to operate easily, lower operater's intension and improve working efficiency.

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