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Product--Chinese Walking tractor--3WG4 Walking tractor:

3WG4 Chinese Walking tractor

Chinese walking tractor 3WG4

Brief introduction of Chinese Walking tractor 3WG4:

Shuhe 3WG4 mini walking tractor is use for the traction and driven. It can be equipped with the Shuhe 175, EM175 and R180 diesel engine. The user can choose some other engine according the actual needs in the reasonable range. It has many advantages, for example, compact structure, light weight, reliable operation, easy maintenance, and so on. This machine is widely used in the dry land and water land on the plain, mountainous and hill. Equipped with the suit tools, it can use for the plowing, rotary, harvesting, planting, pumping and other operations. And it also can use for the short distance transport, and it has the lighting, can be driving at night.

Chinese Walking tractor 3WG4 Technical specifications:

Chinese Walking tractor 3WG4 Matched with rotary tiller
NO. item Parameter
1 Dimension (L×W×H) 2315×900×1030mm
2 weight 150kg
3 Power transmission type Gear transmission
4 Connect type Direct connect
5 Operation speed ≥0.19m/s
6 Productivity ≥0.070h㎡/(m.h)
7 Rotary width 82cm
8 Rotary depth ≥8cm
9 Fuel consumption 9kg/hm2

Chinese Walking tractor 3WG4 Engine specification
NO. item Parameter
1 Model R175A
2 Type Single-cylinder, four-stroke water-cooled diesel engine
3 Cylinder diameter × stroke piston 75 mm×80 mm
4 Emission 0.353L
5 Power 4.41kw
6 standard speed 2600r/ min
7 weigh 68kg
8 Fuel tank capacity 3.2L
9 Fuel type Winter: -10 or 20# common diesel; summer: 0# common diesel.
10 Oil type L-ECC diesel engine oil:winter:20W/40;summer:30,40;Oil volume:0.5L
11 Starting type Handle start.

Chinese Walking tractor 3WG4 others
NO. item Parameter
1 tire 4.00-7
2 Knife type of the rotary tiller. ⅡS175
3 Designed Spindle Speed Ⅰ71.41 r/ min Ⅱ111.1 r/ min
4 Maximum radius of blade rotation 175mm
5 Number of knife 16

Chinese Walking tractor 3WG4 Theory speed of every gear
NO. item Parameter
1 Engine model Shuhe 175
2 standard power 4.41kw
3 Standard speed 2600r/ min
4 Belt pulley diameter Φ75
5 tire 4.00-7
6 4.68
7 7.25
7 11.71
7 rearⅠ 3.58

Chinese Walking tractor 3WG4 Transmission system
NO. item Parameter
1 diesel engine to clutch Two 15500 V-belt
2 Gear box Constant mesh straight gear cylindrical gear and sliding gear (3+1) composition type.
3 Final transmission Singe grade reduce straight gear cylindrical gear.
4 Steer Meshing sleeve type
5 Final transmission Singe grade reduce straight gear cylindrical gear.

Traction part
NO. item Parameter
1 Traction frame size 95mm
2 Height from the ground under the bearing surface 308mm
3 Traction Pin Diameter ¢16mm

Chinese Walking Tractors:

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