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Product--Chinese Tractor--SH350 Chinese Tractor:

SH350 Chinese Tractor:

Chinese tractor sh350

“SH350”brand type is based on our factory original model,Through the implementation of covering parts, seat and the development of technology to improve the new product. This model has the appearance beautiful, the beautiful, configuration luxury, fully functional, reliable performance, driving safety, etc. At the same time,this model also adopted the technical patent(New patent machine cover). The machine through the optimized design, fully coordinated by the agricultural tractor technical and economic performance, performance and safety comfortable performance. The whole machine decorate reasonable,comprehensive performance superior,strong adaptability,efficiency highly,It can meet mechanization the plain, hills, pastoral areas, vegetable garden, orchard mechanization requirements, Widely used in the field work(Cultivated land, break his clods, rotary plow, reap, plant seeds and field management, etc)and transportation operations. Its main characteristics are as follows:

Fujian lijia SL3100ABT engine, direct injection, compulsory water cooling; Patent design streamline machine, beautiful and easy cover; two wheel drive;forward and backward wheel base can be adjusted;8 + 4 ordinary shift or 8 + 8 spindle type shifted gears; sliding sleeve shif; with differential lock; Dry single function clutch; Double feature oil bath disc brakes,Even in repeated heavy homework this kind of brake pedal power need only small can maintain high efficiency;Hydraulic steering, sensitive and deft;Power output backward(540/760 r/min);Adjustable seat;Fission floor; three hanging category:one type;force a adjust alone for ascension;front and rear tire:5.5-16/11.2-28 (Selectable paddy fields round);Free maintenance storage battery;select front and rear countweight;Supply air brake;Gb safety protection device.

SH350 Chinese Tractor specifications:

NO. item Parameter
1 Model SH350
2 Overall dimensions L×W×H 3700×1585×2105MM
3 Wheel track 1200-1500 Commonly used 1300 mm
4 Wheel base 1895mm
5 Min Ground Clearance 360mm
6 Turning circle radius 3.1±0.3m
7 theory speed F/R 2.33-30.49/3.45-10.53km/h
8 Rated traction 7.8KN
9 Engine model SL3100ABT
10 Engine type 4 cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooling, in-line arrangement
11 Engine 12h power 25.7kw
12 Engine 12h power fuel consumption ≤257.0g/kW.h
13 Engine 12h power fuel consumption ≤2.04g/kW.h
14 Transmission system Main clutch Single-disk dry acting/double acting
15 Transmission system Gear box 2 shaft 4×(2+l)joggling sleeve gear shift
16 Brake Double feature oil bath disc
17 Steering Cycloid turn valve type static hydraulic steering
18 walking system Tire type Front wheel 5.5-16 back wheel 11.2-28
19 walking system Tire pressure Front wheel 90-120 kPa back wheel 80-120 kPa
20 Working device Power outpu 540/760 r/min
21 Working device hanging installation Half a separation type、three rear suspension、1type
22 Working device under hanging installation rising power 5800N

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We supply chinese tractor brand: YTO tractor , SH tractor . and our SH tractor have many advantage: SH tractor price is low and quanlity is good.

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