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Chinese excavator market review at 2012 end.


2012 is the winter for the excavator market in china, or even in the world, I think most chinese excavator manufacturer have not finish their producing and selling plan in 2012. and the overseas brand excavator also have the same situation, even worse than chinese brand. it is said most overseas brand excavator sale have go down, the biggest is 50% falling.


lets review the excavator market situation in the passed several years. As i remember the excavator market became better in 2009, maybe even earlier. I know one excavator factory in Shandong province have had one big sale expand in 2009, the workers should worked 29 days every month,and they only have three days holiday for the new year in 2009. they have the cray expand in that year. and the expanding situaiton is continer, in 2010,2011. they have sold more 3000 units in 2011, so, they have 10000 unit plan in 2012. but the cool market give them one pain memory. this is one excample of chinese excavators factory. it show the general situation of chinese excavator manufacturers.

what is the reason? at the world economic crisis in 2008, chinese government put out the 400 billion chinese yuan, to pull the economic rise, it bring the construction machinery market spring, of course the excavator market also meet the selling hot season. but, in 2012, the heat of 400 billion has over. and the world economic meet the crisis again. so the construcion market go back the original situation. the winter is coming. the constrution machinery, the excavator meet the bad market. the excavator factory meet the winter.


The above two pictures show the amphibious excavators.

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