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Sunyo Machinery Co.,Limited professionally export chinese construction machinery and agriculture machinery. For example:

Wheel Loader, Excavator , Bulldozer, Motor Grader, Tractor, Walking tractor......

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We started the construction machinery and agriculture machinery exporting business from 2002. We have more than ten years experience of the construction machinery and agriculture machinery exporting, and we also focus on clients need. We hope to ensure our clients can get what they need, not what we think they should need. First, we take the time to listen, assess clients’ requirements, and help the client to find the equipments that clients need. If our clients feel uncomfortable with the equipments, we shall not clients buy it. Now,our clients are from more than 30 countries in the world, we are one of the leading exporters of construction equipments and agriculture machinery in china.


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Chinese bulldozer market review at the end of 2012

Chinese construction machinery industry association data show: in the front three quarters, Chinese bulldozer has total sold 7579 units; it is down 31.6% compared with same time in last year. 4602 units’ Chinese bulldozer sold in china, it is about 60.72% in the total sale, down 44.82% compared with the same time in the last year. 2977 units Chinese bulldozer exported, it is about 39.28% in the total sale, rise 8.68% compared with the same time in the last year. Consider the sale situation in 2011, Chinese bulldozer market has a sudden down at Mar 2011, and following is the down situation, Jan 2012 is the bottom, sold 460 units Chinese bulldozer. The Chinese bulldozer market recovers after that. Compared the passed three years, the Chinese bulldozer market in 2012 is flat, no the big up and down.
The Chinese bulldozer export situation, in the front three quarters the total export Chinese bulldozer 2977 units, rise 8.69% compared with the same time in the last year, the rise range is down,( it is 55.54% in 2011). But the Chinese bulldozer export can keep rise in the whole construction are in the low sale term, it is one good news.
The main export Chinese bulldozer model is 160-165 hp. There are the 42.09% in the total.

Chinese bulldozer using range
Chinese bulldozer generally use in the situation that more seasonal, construction project concentrated, worse operation situation. Chinese bulldozer main uses for 50-100 M short distance operation, for example, build the road base, dig the foundation pit, flat the land, clean the tree root, and so on. And Chinese bulldozer also can use for loosen the soil for the wheel loader; and Chinese bulldozer also can use for driven.
Crawler Chinese bulldozer is one most widely using bulldozer; Chinese bulldozer is fit for shoving the soil low four grades. If the soil is for grade, or higher four grade, it is must use Chinese bulldozer loosen the soil first. The common Chinese bulldozer operation types are straight shovel, side shovel, oblique shovel, and ripper operation.

Chinese bulldozers industry research report

In china, there is about 10 factories product Chinese bulldozers. The SHANTUI is the biggest one, it share about 57% markets at 2010, now, and it is about the 70%. The next it XUANGGONG bulldozer, it share about 11% at 2010.

Chinese bulldozers main are the standard crawler type, 160-179 hp.

Chinese bulldozers main are the crawler bulldozer and some wheel bulldozer. The Chinese crawler bulldozers share about the 90% market at 2010.

Chinese bulldozers are main standard bulldozer and special bulldozer, the standard Chinese bulldozer share the 80% market. the special bulldozers are main wet land bulldozer, share 90% market.

Chinese bulldozers are dividing to: 70-119hop, 120-139hp, 140-159hp, 160-179hp. 180-219hp, 220-319hp, and bigger than 319hp. The 160-179hp Chinese bulldozer are mainly used in general construction, widely using, share 60% market.

Chinese bulldozers sale: in 2010, total sold 13911 units Chinese bulldozers, the Chinese manufacture bulldozer share the bigger market.

Chinese bulldozers exports are raised years by year, total export 2235 units at 2010. Mainly export to East European, Middle East, North African, and South American.